S2E8: The House of Sight

The High Priestess has guided warriors and kings, peasants and maids. Some fear her knowledge, while other crave it. Some seek to silence her, to control her and keep her truth from the world, even from herself. Listen to a tale of how to reclaim that power, no matter how much time has gone by.

Original story by Chani Petro


S2E7: The Bird in the Tower (Damsel)

The Damsel has been taught that she is weak and needs someone else to fight her battles for her. She is expected to wait around for a man to rescue her and in return, give him her unending devotion and physical beauty. They would keep her locked, safe in the tower. Listen to a tale of the consequences that come form locking up a
woman and doubting her words.

The Bird in the Tower

S2.06 Blood Seeds (Witch)

Heed the warning from the Witch in the tale ‘Blood Seeds’


S2.05 – Fingers for Turnip Man

The Prostitute is commonly defined by one who sells her body. However, this ancient word is connected at its core to our fears about survival. When we are afraid, what are we willing to exchange for financial and physical security – our spirit, our loyalty, our passions, our morals? We are not all strangers to the Prostitute.

S2.04 Dream Threads

Discover the path of the Artist in a tale about a young weaver who works in the palace. A pair of hands among many, she is having a hard time finding her way. But then a loom appears in her dreams…

S2.03 Midnight’s Daughter

After a break to raise some funds for Season 2, we are back!

Explore the role of the Mother in “Midnight’s Daughter,” a story about a woman whose belly swells until she gives birth to a child at night but, come morning, the girl disappears. The woman finds her belly round once more and labor pains come night after night, but all her efforts still leave her arms empty when the sun rises.

S2.02 Death’s Footsteps

The Maiden Archetype is in tune with her instincts. She excels at communication and connecting with others. However, she can be easily tricked and swayed to others’ desires. Join the circle and hear the tale of Death’s Footsteps.

Original story by Chani Petro; also available as a graphic fable.

S2.01 – Red Feet (Virgin)

This season we will continue to focus on archetypes and their meanings, but the 12 episodes will revolve around common female archetypes. We begin with the classic Virgin:

The archetype of the Virgin is centered around the expectations of her community. Initially, the Virgin conforms to the wishes of others but her unproven potential lies dormant within her. Eventually, she begins to listen to her own inner voice, embarking on a journey toward creativity, spirituality and sexual awakening.

Original Story by Chani Petro
Music by Erik Nicollet Musique

The Onion Field

The Alchemist is about transformation. By investigating the processes of life, and in turn, discovering ones own inner and external processes, growth and change can come about. However, a sense of superiority can be a common downfall of the Alchemist.

Experience the story of “The Onion Field.”

Story by Chani Petro

Music by Adrian von Ziegler

The Foxess

The Goddess archetype represents the ability to connect – to other people, to emotions, to the physical realm, to the earth. This is also the source of raw energy and intuition.

Explore the tale “The Foxess” and reclaim the wilderness inside.