S2.02 Death’s Footsteps

The Maiden Archetype is in tune with her instincts. She excels at communication and connecting with others. However, she can be easily tricked and swayed to others’ desires. Join the circle and hear the tale of Death’s Footsteps.

Original story by Chani Petro; also available as a graphic fable.


Red Feet (Virgin)

This season we will continue to focus on archetypes and their meanings, but the 12 episodes will revolve around common female archetypes. We begin with the classic Virgin:

The archetype of the Virgin is centered around the expectations of her community. Initially, the Virgin conforms to the wishes of others but her unproven potential lies dormant within her. Eventually, she begins to listen to her own inner voice, embarking on a journey toward creativity, spirituality and sexual awakening.

Original Story by Chani Petro
Music by Erik Nicollet Musique

The Onion Field

The Alchemist is about transformation. By investigating the processes of life, and in turn, discovering ones own inner and external processes, growth and change can come about. However, a sense of superiority can be a common downfall of the Alchemist.

Experience the story of “The Onion Field.”

Story by Chani Petro

Music by Adrian von Ziegler

The Foxess

The Goddess archetype represents the ability to connect – to other people, to emotions, to the physical realm, to the earth. This is also the source of raw energy and intuition.

Explore the tale “The Foxess” and reclaim the wilderness inside.

The Cave of White

The Orphan seeks to regain the comfort of the womb and find safety in the arms of loving parents. To fulfill their quest they must go through the agonies of the developmental stages they have missed. Their strength is the interdependence and pragmatic realism that they had to learn at an early age.

Witness the Orphan transform in the tale ‘The Cave of White.’

Braiding the Waterfall

The Mystic is guided by intuition and rises to a higher calling. Every action they commit themselves to must bring them closer to the divine, whether in the real world or in their hearts. Mystics know things beyond ordinary understanding.

Listen to the story of the Mystic in “Braiding the Waterfall.”

Four Arms

The Innocent’s greatest strength comes in their trust and eternal optimism. They are pure, wholesome, full of virtue. But there is a shadow side. They may also be obedient to the point of conformity. They might not deal well with transitions or change.

Listen to the tale of a young, innocent girl who loses her way in the woods and finds demons at her sides.

The Sea’s Desire

The Siren is the ideal symbol of the primal power the female has over man. As rational beings we are often amazed, overwhelmed, and even frightened, by the profound intensity of that power. She is sensual, alluring, powerful – the image of intense attraction and profound fear.

Come hear the tale of the wild Sea as she pursues a man on the edge of her waters.