House of Desert Bones

Episode three of Thistle & Seed follows the archetype the Nomad, who lives in a shapeshifting house.


By Moth Light – Episode 2

Hi Everyone!

The second episode of my podcast is live! ‘By Moth Light’ focuses on the Hermit archetype. Set in an run-down Lighthouse, a girl is trapped within. Can she wake the old man and save herself before it is too late?

Birth of Thistle & Seed

With the decision to launch a podcast featuring my writings of folklore and fables, the first hurdle to conquer was a Name. I brainstormed with some of my talented friends and we came up with quite a list! Legends & Lore, Eternal Codex, Folklore Dialogues, Bardic Scrolls, Undercurrent but none of them were exactly right.

Since the theme of the podcast revolves around fables and archetypes, I started thinking about how intrinsic archetypes are to storytelling and what elements could represent that. What are two substances that appear very similar, are interchangeable, flowing seamlessly together in and out, but different at their core? I started playing with Salt & Sand, Milk & Water, which led to Milkwater & Saltsand. Something liquid and something coarse. But Milkwater sounded diluted and Saltsand was hard to read. So it changed to Milk Thistle & Salt. I liked the idea of the nourishment of milk and the minerals of salt that are necessary for life, but still, it didn’t invoke the feeling I needed. I liked the word Thistle and that the second word starting with an S, but salt did sound rather dry and sucking out nourishment, rather than replenishing. I briefly thought of the word seed, but was overwhelmed by choices. I decided to hold off and went to visit my friends in the city.

We were suppose to go to the grand re-opening of the MOMA but apparently we got the date wrong. Not to be discouraged, we went around the corner and visited the Museum of African Diaspora. One of the exhibitions, Bearing, moved me so completely and it was truly fate that we went on the wrong day specifically so I would visit this museum. I resonated with the artist, Alison Saars, on such a deep archetype level, symbolism shining through her sculptures, a wonderful reminder that other artists are out there dealing with the same eternal themes as me, listening to the whispers of the universe.


Many of her pieces integrated brambles or “thistles” into them and it was a nudge to make this part of the title of my podcast. Another of her pieces used the word Seed and it was a beacon shining through the confusion. Thistle & Seed, the universe reaching out to me, highlighting the words and letting me know I was headed in the right direction.

I was further delighted when I looked up the healing properties of thistle or milk thistle and found it is often used to purify or detox when someone has consumed something poisonous. I adhere to the belief that fables are also a way to remedy or detox, a way to apply a soothing balm to the wounds society can inflict on us. And so with the encouragement of my friends, the inspiration from another artist, a birthname was found for my podcast- Thistle & Seed: Tales of Folklore